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This is a Special Message for YOU if you have any kind of physical or emotional reaction when you read the word MONEY!
As a Coach, Consultant, Therapist or Health & Wellbeing Practitioner, you love what you do.

But are you actually making any money? 

If the answer is NO, you absolutely need to hear this.........

We all want to make an impact, help people and change the world.  But you can't increase your reach, your impact and the effect you can have on the world unless you grow your business and therefore increase your income.  

It IS possible to earn at least £50k in the next 12 months doing what you love.  If you're good at what you do, you've tried various strategies to grow your business, maybe even worked with a coach but STILL haven't broken through to joy, ease and a MINIMUM of £50k, there's something else that's stopping you. 

You're here to get your mind, body and soul freed up and fired up to HIT YOUR FIRST £50k or ADD AN EXTRA £50k to your business in the next 12 months.  No more holding back from reaching more people and making the impact YOU want to make!
I cut over 20 hours a week from my schedule and made more in a month than I'd made in years!
"I had been in total overwhelm before I joined Liz.  I've cut out endless hours of trekking across London to teach my classes for a pittance (over 20 hours a week) and I am now signing up new life coaching clients on a weekly basis.  I have finally made the switch to what I thought would never be possible.  I love Liz's coaching as there is a wonderful mix of practical and holistic techniques.  For those who want to turn their hobby business into a proper, profitable business, she really is your gem!"

- Lucia Hoxha, Yoga Teacher & Lifestyle Coach
You've spent a fortune setting up your business, perfecting your website and social media, maybe you've even invested in a hard core Business Coach.  
But something's missing. 

You're going through endless cycles of Feast and Famine (or you're simply starving of clients or income every month - or both!)

 You progress in your marketing efforts only for something to sabotage your efforts and put a stop to the momentum of what you were convinced was going to work this time. 

It sometimes feel, that you're simply not good enough or not cut out for running your own business.  It feels like the 'Universe' is trying to tell you so! 

It's time delete all that negative and confused programming and replace the hard drive of your mind with a new upgrade!  Get your Mindset 100% freed up and fired up so you can start making that consistent income that only goes upwards, never ever downwards again!
Four Of The World’s Leading Authorities On Building ‘Expert Empires’ Will Reveal The Marketing Strategies Of The Future. They’ll Show You How To Generate More Leads, More Sales, And Make More Profit… 
Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising!
Money Blocks GONE, Clients Coming IN! 
"In a very short time, Liz was able to break through many of the negative and very significant money blocks that I never knew I had that were not only impacting my business but also my personal life. I simplified my business and finally started to get clients!"

- Michelle Catanach, The Uncaged Revolution
First of all, truth bomb alert number 1:
You can't get to that magic 6 figure income until you finally hit £50k first! 
  • So many newly certified coaches, consultants, therapists, health and wellness professionals want to go from zero to six figures within 12 months.  They see this happening to others and get sucked in to thinking it's easy and that it will happen, all they need to do is follow the plan that is given to them.  But they neglect to do the deeper work that really frees them up around money and success, so the plan becomes impossible to keep up with or just falls away - every step forward is swiftly replaced by getting pushed backwards again. 
  • The work that slays that saboteur, that stops the voices in your head from whispering or even screaming at you, 'You're just not good enough for this,' 'Who do you think you are helping people and charging so much money?' 'What gives YOU the right to think you can do this, what makes YOU so special?' 
  • Without addressing the fundamental ways in which our brains have been programmed to react around money, success and conversely lack of money, income and failure, we will never be able to breakthrough into a lasting and permanent feeling of confidence and security around money and success, and the bank balance to match. 
  • When I hit my first £10k month I was ecstatic, but my bubble was majorly burst when I was told by my Husband, "Yeah well you might have got there at last Babe, but staying there is a whole different ball game." 
  • I was gutted, but luckily the wind was only temporarily taken out of my sails because of the work I do. I was able to 're-set' my mindset and delete this attempted download before it was able to spread through me like a virus. That was never the case until I did this work and trained to share it with others. Now I'm bringing it to YOU, and it could be the very thing that turns and overrides the success switch so it stays consistently 'on!' 

    Without dealing with the core issues that cause the negative responses we have to our circumstances - be those challenging, draining, upsetting or the slightly more complicated success roller coaster of achievement followed by a huge crash - a low of doubt, judgement and self sabotage even when you've done something AMAZING, we'll never move out of those familiar patterns and break through to meaningful success and fullfillment- on the inside as well as on the outside.  Without re-setting and re-programming the brain's learned response to what it's witnessed and been exposed to, we won't make the LASTING changes we truly want, even though we alwasy go for the 'quick fix!' 
Brand New Business, Brand New Me!  
"Four months working with Liz and the transformation I can see already is amazing. I have a brand new business, Calmer Self, which I am very excited about and already have some very valuable strategies in place to deal with my old patterns and habits that have always messed things up for me in the past. I'm learning so much from Liz herself and from the wonderfully generous and caring community that Liz has created. I've done things that I would never have even considered before and this is exactly what I needed."

- Nadine Searle, Reiki and Relaxation Specialist
There Is ZERO CORRELATION Between How Good You Are At What You Do, And How Successful Your Business Is.

It frustrates me when I see people out there - Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Practitioners, ALL those people who can make a huge difference to the health, wealth and wellbeing of people on this planet, but who are struggling to make ends meet.

Even worse, I see far too many of the ‘big guns' selling DIY Mindset courses that they claim are the best, as yet unfounded magic secrets keeping the customer from huge success.  

You know the ones I mean. You sign up to a course that promises thew world, you try but struggle to implement all the tips and techniques that get thrown at you, but you're still left alone and wondering what YOU did wrong and why it hasn't worked for you.

Truth Bomb Alert 3: It's NOT YOU, it's the course and the way it's constructed.

One of these courses even left a client of mine with trauma from setting big goals she then never had the support to achieve, and then felt like a complete failure again when she didn't reach them. I know she is not alone. So many entrepreneurs can't seem to get off of this roller coaster of hope and then despair as they try but fail to implement the recommendations these 'Gurus' teach time and time again.  

There's also a catch 22 situation:  These courses either gloss over the deeper, core issues that are the real reason why they fail, or you risk doing this work alone and opening up pandora's box, with no support to help you process all of the contents. 

The fact is, you need live, real time teaching, support and guidance if you're ever going to make this stuff 'stick' and you also need that consistently over a period of time - 3 months is actually the minimum time I'd recommend. 

But wait, there's something else motivating me to share this.......

It frustrates me when I see people out there - Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Practitioners, ALL those people who can make a huge difference to the health, wealth and wellbeing of people on this planet, but who are struggling to make ends meet.

Even worse, I see far too many of the ‘big guns' selling DIY Mindset courses that they claim are the best, as yet unfounded magic secrets keeping the customer from huge success.  

You know the ones I mean. You sign up to a course that promises thew world, you try but struggle to implement all the tips and techniques that get thrown at you, but you're still left alone and wondering what YOU did wrong and why it hasn't worked for you.

Truth Bomb Alert 3: It's NOT YOU, it's the course and the way it's constructed.

One of these courses even left a client of mine with trauma from setting big goals she then never had the support to achieve, and then felt like a complete failure again when she didn't reach them. I know she is not alone. So many entrepreneurs can't seem to get off of this roller coaster of hope and then despair as they try but fail to implement the recommendations these 'Gurus' teach time and time again.  

There's also a catch 22 situation:  These courses either gloss over the deeper, core issues that are the real reason why they fail, or you risk doing this work alone and opening up pandora's box, with no support to help you process all of the contents. 

The fact is, you need live, real time teaching, support and guidance if you're ever going to make this stuff 'stick' and you also need that consistently over a period of time - 3 months is actually the minimum time I'd recommend. 

But wait, there's something else motivating me to share this.......

Truth Bomb Alert 3: It's NOT YOU, it's the course and the way it's constructed.r Business Is.
I'm done with other people's opinions limiting my clients....... 
Just like the opinions of my own family and so called friends limited me for far too long.....

They still would if I still let them.  If I didn't have the tools I'm sharing with you in the £50k Mindset Programme, I would still be dealing with the discouraging and frankly down right rude comments, sighs and rolled eyes that made me feel so silly and insignificant, like I was chasing a completely unobtainable dream that got further and further away each time I experienced their lack of support or belief in me. 

Do the following comments sound familiar..............? 

1. "Are you actually making any money from what you're doing?" 

It now makes me laugh when my Mother In Law still questions whether I made any money after almost every call I take when we are staying with her in the summer.  Sales calls don't make you money unless the person signs up, but that's not a reason for not doing them!  And the whole reason we're able to spend time with her is because I don't have a regular 'job' so a few calls during fun times shouldn't be frowned upon. 

Is it any wonder we, especially the women and mothers among us who have so much more to deal with than just a career, struggle and feel guilty all the time. We allow others to take our power away and I want it to stop!  

As I write this, I am mindful of the fact I could stop half way through, just to dance around the kitchen to some Christmas music with my 7 year old son.  Him and his 9 year old sister could have been in a holiday club all week but instead I'm balancing (OK just, it's still tricky at times) all the endless Xmas activities and play dates with keeping my business going.  And the best part is, I don't feel guilty (I used to though, massively), because doing things my way gives us the best of both worlds - me being at home and able to care for the children (with a little help around the house, I won't lie) and be a kick ass Success & Mindset Coach too! 

In fact it's because of them that I am so committed to making my business but more importantly my mindset successful.  Our children are simply mirrors of us and their environment, and I will not have them absorb the negative judgements of society that are so freely given.  Witnessing the impact working on myself has had on my children, the investment is worth 100 times what I paid, even if I didn't have a business as a result.       

2. "Isn't it time you just went out and got a proper job?"  

Yes for some maybe it is - if you have increasing debt and really ARE facing financial ruin then that may be a sensible if not desirable option.  But to do it out of fear, or to resist it out of the need to 'prove someone wrong' are not the best reasons for doing it, and you'll probably not be very successful at securing the best position for you either! 

If you don't need to get a job, your business is doing very well thank you or it's about to, then these comments will most likely make you laugh within a few weeks time rather than make you groan and want to tear your hair out or punch said perpetrator in the face!!! 

Whichever situation you're in, doing this program will give you the courage to take your head out of the sand and take a long (not hard) look at your finances.  It will empower you to discover the best options, both short term and long term, so you can calmly, sensibly and successfully communicate and discuss the most sensible financial and business decisions for you, your family and your business. 

3. "Exactly what qualifies you to teach this stuff? " 

Would we ever question a friend's qualification for a job?  No, we'd just assume they had the training required and we'd be pleased for their promotion or new position. 

People don't have the inside track on what training and qualifications you've achieved to get where you are and to do what you do.  The people asking these questions are usually so unenlightened it just shows their own insecurities and sometimes bitterness because they've had to train for years to do what they do.  Despite this, they're not rocking their business yet for precisely the reasons outlined here - they haven't addressed their mindset, they've just got endless amounts of qualifications, which while admiral and absolutely essential for some, are not on their own what defines financial success or failure in your business. 

A well meaning 'friend' of mine has invested over £100k in her development and in the 'right' facilities, but she's still exchanging time for money and is rushed off her feet trying to make the business profitable enough to pay for her next course and pay BACK the money she borrowed for her studio where she now works from!  

4. "I just can't believe people pay you for all this Mumbo Jumbo stuff" (You may also be thinking this right now!?!?)

Cue my sister's partner, my actual brother-in-law and others laughing at me and my business - I even had someone put their hand up to me and tell me to be quiet because I 'didn't know what I was talking about.' 

That was a low point and it almost broke me but instead I was able to view it as a test of belief and resilience - thank God I had my wonderful coach who was training me to be able to not just apply but also share the contents of The £50k Mindset Programme.  It breaks my heart that so many others who don't have access to these tools are only just keeping going or are giving up altogether. I don't want you to be one of them. 

I could have been one of the ones who gave up on my dream, but luckily I was going through my Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training, so you can be confident that everything you learn is 100% tried, tested, and proven to work millions of times over. 

You sound a bit bitter Liz…

I understand why you might be thinking this, but I can assure you, the only thing I'm bitter about is the fact that these types of comments are still thrown around by so many, and it's ruining the businesses and the hopes and dreams of so many more. 

I am accepting of the fact it's hard to change the words that come out of people's mouths, no matter how well meaning they may be.  What I know is that it's far easier to address it in the individuals who are being exposed to it, over and over again.  

Big Picture - If I can help just ONE person break out of the place of scarcity and lack, nervousness and worry around money, success and growing their business, I know that will impact the lives of at least 1000 more, potentially 10's of thousands more!  Therefore, my drive and commitment to bringing this work to more and more people is unbreakable - there's nothing anyone can do to stop me, the cause is just too great!

The reality of how much impact this work can have is so exciting, I have to share it! 

But does the World Really Need Another Mindset Course?

No, it doesn’t.

In fact, it doesn’t need most of the ones it already has!

So when I came up with the idea for The £50k Mindset Programme, I KNEW it had to be different.

And not just a little different. A lot different.

So this year, I kicked things off with a HUGE FREAKING BANG!  And the results have been AMAZING! 

I’ve included ALL the key money and success transformation processes and coaching I've kept back for my high end Private & Mastermind clients until now. 

There is absolutely nothing normal or mainstream about this programme. 

Why?  Because I'm so fed up with too many talented individuals staying small and not reaching the people who really need them.  

But wait, there's something else that's motivating me to share this......

Check out this video of what people said at my last £50k Formula LIVE Event - after just ONE Money Mindset Session. 

You will get so much more than this by doing this programme - AS WELL AS A FREE TICKET to my NEXT UK event in Hertfordshire on 13th & 14th June 2018.

So if you're ready to receive:  
  •  The gift that get's you feeling empowered in your job, brave enough to confidently ask for and receive with ease that pay rise, that promotion, that bonus, those reduced hours, all of which will make it far easier to grow your business. 
  •  The gift that gives you the loving encouragement you need to turn your hobby or struggling venture into a profitable and sustainable business. To raise your prices, charge your worth and earn more money doing what you love.
  • The gift that sets you apart from your counterparts, safe in the knowledge that your limiting beliefs are no longer that - they are just old thoughts that used to keep you small, but no longer do. 
  •  The gift that helps you to claim your seat at the top table - among the people you've admired in the past and who now you can join as a well regarded, and WELL PAID Expert. 
  •  The gift that ensures you are able to pay off your debts & make empowered and solid plans around your finances.
  •  The gift that stops those negative voices in your head - your own, your parents, siblings, spouse, even your old boss or that teacher or person at school who always made you feel small and powerless. 
  •  The gift that enables you to have positive, calm and productive conversations with your partner and family around money and success. No more feeling like you're second rate compared to you 'breadwinner' partner or well off friends.  
  •   The gift that keeps on giving - to more and more people as you give yourself permission to work less and create more. The approval to leverage your time, serve more people and create an even bigger impact in the world.

I've been doing what I do for a few years now.  In that time, you know what I've realised?

Nice Guys (And Girls) DON’T Always Finish Last!

They can and do finish first, second and third but my key point is this - when you take away the desire to compete against others or prove them wrong - when you're in it for the bigger reason of helping yourself in order to help so many more, that's when the magic touch paper is lit, the fire ignites and things start to happen. 

When you're not competing against anyone else or even yourself, you can come from the place of change and transformation for the right reasons, the ones that will last and outlive the negative crap that will eventually stop being thrown at you!  

Another key point is this - even if it continues, you will not only have the strength and resolve, but the new learned responses and programming to be able to delete it on the spot. 

This doesn't just make for a happier, healthier and more abundant you, but also more harmonious relationships and deeper, more enriching conversations with no desire to 'prove' or 'convert' the person you're speaking to! 

Yes, you can breath a sign of relief now! 

So what IS the £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme? 
The £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme consists of THE MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK I HAVE EVER DONE, or had the priviledge to deliver and facilitate.

In a small and sensitive, kind and caring group, we will go through over 12 core processes I have used on myself, been trained in and have used with amazing results on my clients.

Over the course of 14 weeks we will take a deep but careful and safe dive into all things Money and related to Money that are sabotaging you and keeping you small. This is the work that up until now I've kept for my high end Private Clients and members of my Mastermind Programme.

But it's so much more than just Money! It addresses that which holds everyone back, even subconsciously in multiple areas of their lives. It's what I attribute not just my business success to, but the peace I have made with my mind, my body and my relationships - with myself and multiple other people in my life. I can hand on heart say that I am a better Mother (like most of the time pretty bloody brilliant) and a much happier, relaxed and nicer partner, friend and all round person as a result of doing this 'work' (if you can call it that)! 

It's the one thing that has let me finally let go and trust that I am on the right path and that only I have the true answers to what will make me happy, AND it blows spending over £40k on other approaches and modalities out of the water.
"What's DIFFERENT about this course compared to all the others? 

In the new box: This programme is a small group programme and because of that it facilitates deep connection and transformation.  
I have a commitment and a responsibility to personally get to know everyone in this group - you and your unique challenges and blocks.  
This is not a 'product' or another Evergreen Digital Course, but a real-time powerful & flexible Mentoring Programme that I am able to add to and tweak according to the needs of the participants.  Therefore, it's much more effective and much more enjoyable for all concerned.  

Therefore, it is much more highly valued than all those online and short courses that, when added up together have probably cost you a small fortune.  
"But What If I Have A Job Or Don't Want To Build A Huge Business?"

That's fine! Many of my clients build their businesses around jobs (at least to start with), and other commitments like family.  You can use what you learn on the £50k Mindset Programme to ask for that promotion, payrise, bonus etc.  My client Angie powerfully requested and received a £10k retention bonus after one of the very same processes I'll be taking you through on this programme.  In total, she HAS manifested almost £50k JUST from her employer, that's without looking at the growth of her business! 

You may just want to keep your business at a manageable size or not want to build a great empire, especially if you've got other things going on like a young family to care for.  That's great too, because the £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme will make that process even EASIER and release any guilt you may have over spending time away from your business or your loved ones. 

Everyone in my Client Community is equal and supports each other.  You'll be amongst friends, not people you'll feel drawn to compare yourself against.

Who This Is NOT For...

This isn't for you if you are ONLY motivated by money and have no intention of getting to know what else there is to life! 

If you are truly motivated only by fast cars and fancy holidays then you probably won't enjoy this course much, because it strips away the fake and fanciful desires we have probably all succumbed to at some point and allows you to see the true meaning of life - how your role within your community (be that local, online, national or international) is such an important part of the equation in helping others with your skills and experience. How it's your DUTY to be visible and reach people who really NEED you but just don't KNOW about you yet!  

It's not for you if you're ONLY looking for financial advice (I am NOT a Financial Advisor, although I can recommend several very good ones)! 


Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies.

Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund.

Gary also currently hosts The #AskGaryVee Show, a way of providing as much value as possible by taking questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies. The show is also available as a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

He was named to both Fortune and Crain’s 40 under 40 lists in consecutive years, and has been profiled in the New York Times, Fortune, and Inc.


Ryan Deiss is the co-founder of Idea Incubator LP and CEO of

He launched his first web-based business from his college dorm room in 1999, and since that time he’s founded over 40 different ‘Expert’ businesses (and partnered in dozens more) in markets such as health and beauty, survival and preparedness, DIY crafts and home improvement, investing and finance, chemical and liquid filter manufacturing, business lending, online skills training and menswear... just to name a few.

In fact, over the last 36 months Ryan and his team have:

• Invested over $15MILLION on marketing tests...
• Generated tens of millions of unique visitors...
• Sent well over a BILLION permission-based emails, and...
• Run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests... he knows a thing or two about marketing and selling online!

At Expert Empires he’s going to reveal the results from his very latest tests, so you know what’s working in digital marketing NOW! He’ll also give you his predictions on the upcoming future trends in digital marketing, so you can get ahead of your competitors and dominate your industry.


Having dropped out of university at the age of 21, Nick failed spectacularly with his first coaching business and ended up taking a £16k/yr telesales job. 

Within 12 months he was top performer and earning up to £10k/month, before starting his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and did six figures in the first year… £250k in second year… and then nearly went out of business due to a mistake, which cost him £50,000 in personal cash!

Nick kept it afloat, turned it round, and sold that business 2 years later in a seven-figure deal. He then co-founded a multi-million-pound events company, which he exited in 2015, and founded "Seriously Fun Business" - a company specialising in helping Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, Authors and Other Expert grow their businesses rapidly by running their own successful live events.

At Expert Empires, I'll deliver two sessions, which you’ll find extremely valuable…

Session 1: How to make £30k-£50k in the next 3 months running small workshops (6-8 people a time) even if you don't have a big list.

Over the last 18 months I've developed and tested a very simple marketing campaign that's getting crazy results from tiny workshops of just 6-8 people a time. It doesn't cost much to execute (since you're only looking for a handful of people in a room) and it consistently generates tens of thousands of pounds in sales. 

If you're looking to start running your own events in 2017, this approach would be the perfect 'low-risk high-return' way to do it.

You don't need hundreds of attendees to have a great events business. In 2009 my first seminar had 8 people in it!

Session 2: How to sell hundreds of tickets to your seminars and conferences and make six figures from a single event. 

In this session I'll reveal the six key principles I've used for the last 8 years to sell literally tens of thousands of tickets to live seminars and conferences, and generate over £6million in sales. This session is most applicable to those who are already running seminars and live events but want to double or triple their audience size.

For each of these two sessions I'll explain the exact steps you need to take AND I'll also show you real life examples of these strategies in action - along with actual results - so you can go away and implement what you learn.

My SOLD OUT 'Small Business Success Festival' in 2015


Dr. Andrea Pennington is the Managing Director of Make Your Mark Global, LTD.
Since 1999 Andrea has become a renowned personal brand architect, media producer and communications specialist consistently working with and appearing on some of the biggest shows in the world, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, This Morning (UK) and HuffingtonPost. 

As the creator of the Brand Who You Really Are Media Success System and the MVP Publishing Process, Andrea currently leverages her 20+ years of experience in broadcast and digital media to help heart-centered experts build their global empires by leveraging the media to bring their brilliance to the world through personal brand mentorship, intellectual property publishing and communication strategy consulting.

Besides launching the global careers of other personal brands, Andrea has written and contributed to 10 books. Her latest book, The Orgasm Prescription for Women (yes, you read that correctly!) has been touted as one of the most comprehensive sexual and emotional health books of today.

At Expert Empires 2017, Andrea will share the insider secrets you can implement today to launch your brand in the global media to build a sustainable empire. Without becoming a copycat of other brands, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche through publishing content, landing print and TV interviews and appearing on global podcasts and summits. By creating a global profile in the media you will generate more referrals for speaking engagements, gain new clients and enjoy the fulfillment of being recognized for your expertise. Specifically Andrea will explain what you must have in place to secure media placements online, on-air and in print so that you effectively: 

★ Brand yourself in the media with confidence and integrity 

★ Get TV producers to call you for expert interviews about your product or service 

★ Prepare a professional electronic press kit and online media presence to attract producers and show bookers 

★ Communicate your message across effectively & consistently for maximum impact across all media platforms 

★ Build Authentic Authority to establish yourself as a local and national expert 

★ Craft your brand message in line with your personality & values.


Ryan Pinnick is the Founder and CEO of SuperGenius, a global training and mentoring company based in London.

In the last 3 years Ryan has created 127 events attended by over 18,000 people in the UK, USA, Australia and Southern Africa empowering people to unleash their Genius and master self awareness.  
Ryan quit a successful corporate job at the age of 26 and embarked on a journey of self discovery. It was on this journey that he found his passion in entrepreneurship.

Although he had some failures in the beginning, he quickly found success and another passion in speaking, when he was invited to teach workshops for Rich Dad around the UK.  

Then at 30 he discovered revolutionary superconscious methods for mastering self awareness, which dramatically accelerated his life in all areas in a far more powerful way that any mainstream personal development.

These revolutionary superconscious methods had such a great impact on Ryan that he created SuperGenius - teaching these methods to entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives and people dedicated to life mastery with astounding results.

At Expert Empires 2017, Ryan will share with you how you can unleash your Genius, master self awareness and know when your unconscious ego is trying to sabotage you. 

By unleashing your Genius and mastering self awareness you will be able to stand out from the crowd and create a unique business with unique products and ideas.  

Your ability to be unique and different determines whether you are fighting for survival or whether you are thriving having people chasing you to do business. 

You will learn some of the best business tactics and strategies from the other experts at this event, and your ability to use your Genius to create your own voice in a crowded world is going to massively accelerate your ability to be successful and create long term wealth.Here is some of what you will get from attending this session: 

- How to Master Self Awareness and Unleash your Genius 

- How to create a SuperGenius Business, Brand and Products 

- How to transform Negative Emotions into Genius - How to make Intuitive Decisions that guarantee your Success 

- How your Unconscious Mind is designed to make you Fail  

- How to create an endless amount of Inspiration and Motivation


Siam Kidd is a private Trader and multiple ‘Expert Business' owner. 
In 2015, during the Black Monday crash he managed to make £422k in the space of 30 minutes whilst trading from home. Despite being a trader, he's a firm believer of having multiple pillars for your ‘Financial Parthenon’ and that no matter who you are or what you do, you need to consider yourself as an investor. 

With this in mind, Siam discovered that the best asset class that generates the most income/capital within the shortest time frame is the asset of Business.

Over the last 5 years Siam has bought and sold over 15 businesses and has found a sweet spot in ‘Expert’ businesses which sell online information products for a low price point on monthly subscription.

At Expert Empires Siam will be sharing his system for turning your knowledge and expertise into a monthly subscription-based business, so you can either: 

a) Enjoy a solid, guaranteed monthly income to create the lifestyle you want, or 

b) Sell your expert business for the biggest multiple possible. In fact, in his presentation he’ll show you the exact sales and profit figures necessary for you to make a seven-figure-exit.

His 50-year project is to change the schooling system across the world.

Programme & Event Details
Next Live Call 20th June 2018!  

Whenever you are ready!  Live calls are generally 2pm - 3 or 3.30pm 
(calls last between 1 hour and 90 minutes) 

Wherever you are! 
How to add £50k to your business WITHOUT complicated & expensive marketing OR working all the hours God sends! 

Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th June 2018 

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (30 minutes from Central London by train, close to M25 & M1)

You have secured your ticket worth £347 AND you may bring a guest for just £97! 

Your Investment
One Time Investment Of
£2997 £1997
Three Payments Of
£800 £700
Empowered & Earning!
"Liz has a fantastic way of empowering me to understand and challenge my own barriers and beliefs. She's skilled at making seemingly complex things seem much more simple in a way that makes me want to action them with confidence! Her lovely calming manner also helps me to feel at ease when things feel overwhelming! When I started coaching with Liz I didn't even have a business.  Now I have monthly retained corporate clients, am running workshops and have set up my own Corporate Networking Group.  This is genuinely just the beginning!

- Krushma Makwana, Executive Coach
Your Investment
Here are the BONUSES
  •  Complimentary Ticket to my next 2 day UK LIVE EVENT: Hertfordshire, 13th & 14th June: VALUE £397
  •  Complimentary 1 hour one-to-one coaching session with Liz: Value £397 - limited to the first 5
  •  £50k Mindset Membership Area: Call recordings, scripts, worksheets & other resources, yours to keep forever: Value PRICELESS
  •  SOS PRIVATE contact with Liz if needed: Email & 15 minute laser session: Value £197
  •  Private Facebook Group: Value £197


Your reward and a thank you from me:

You can take part in the programme over and over again EVERY time I run it live! Forever!

That’s Lifetime Membership of the £50k Mindset Community AND every fresh, new LIVE call and training I ever do for this programme!

If you’ve got questions before you register, or you’d prefer to 
book your place over the phone, just book a call with Liz (or one of her team if she is not available) by clicking here. 

Ok. Decision time!

Look, if you’re still reading this page, chances are that you’ve decided you need this. 

Or at the very least, you want to join us, but maybe there’s something stopping you from pulling the trigger and going for it.

In the past when I’ve spoken to people about joining one of my programmes, attending one of my events or working with me, it's usually one of these three things that delays their decision or holds them back:

1. You don’t think you'll have the time

I get it. I realise that your most valuable asset is your time. I also understand there is a very real opportunity cost whenever you spend time away from your business.

So I don’t take your decision to lightly - it is 14 hours of content after all (plus a number of high quality bonuses included - that you WILL want to listen to). 

However, it’s an irrefutable fact that the strategies you’ll learn and implement will have an immediate, profound effect on you and your ability to address your money issues and create more income, opportunity and wealth in your life.  This will grow as you progress through the programme.  

This really will save you weeks, months, or maybe even years of messing around and trying to work out how to bust through your Money Blocks on your own and forever striving but never arriving or thriving.  

It could save you hours of time listening to audios, meditating, visualising, saying mantras.  The techniques I give you work for the long term and whilst you may want to repeat them from time to time, especially as you sky rocket to the next level with new challenges, you certainly won't need to repeat them over and over, daily, even weekly. 

Being on this programme really is a small investment of your time now, to save a LOT of time in the months and years ahead.

And don't forget - you've got this programme FOR LIFE, so whenever you're up-levelling, if a new layer of doubt surfaces you have all the tools, resources and support to swim through it like the expert you will already be! 

2. You think you can't afford it

Firstly, this course is NOT an expense (although you can write it off as one in your accounts)! It’s an investment. And a relatively rather small investment at that (the earlier you register, the smaller your investment!)

I know with absolute certainty that when you go through these processes, you will get an immediate jump in your ability and confidence to attract more clients, charge your worth, leverage your time and increase your income.  Over time, that will equate to many multiples of your investment back!  And the great thing is, it will happen naturally - there's no endless 'implementation' requirements and not a great deal of homework, just a natural change to your thinking and habits, which may take a little trial, error and practise but really hardly any extra time and certainly no more money! 

  • What VALUE would you put on increasing, meeting and exceeding your income goals?  
  • What VALUE would you put on letting go of any issues you have with others and past arguments over money? 
  • What VALUE would you put on having that approval you've alway been seeking, releasing the constant ways in which you sabotage and the results of those - weight gain, drinking or eating things that aren't good for you, breaking those good habits AGAIN, creating or not dealing with relationship issues. 
  • What VALUE would you put on something that empowered you to clear your debts without stress or worry?  That enabled you to save money and escape from a lifetime of overspending and debt creation? 

Just fixing one of these areas would be a gift wouldn't it?!  You have the opportunity to fix many.  What VALUE would you put on that? 

Plus as a member of the £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme, don't forget you get lifetime membership which not only means you can listen to the replays whenever you want to, but you can repeat the course as many times as I run it Live!  

3. You're not sure it's right for you or that you'll get the results you're looking for

If you genuinely have no interest in addressing and changing your money mindset and all the ways - consciously and subconsciously - it may be sabotaging you and keeping you from breaking that glass ceiling, getting your message out to a wider audience, getting more clients, and getting the financial rewards you deserve, then this programme probably isn’t right for you.

However, if you’re still reading this but haven’t yet decided to join us, it’s more likely that you’re questioning your own ability to make a long-lasting change and you're concerned that you won't be able to break the cycles and thinking you're stuck in.  That's kind of the point, and one of the things we'll be working on.  Ask yourself, "What's the downside of succeeding in addressing all of this?"  Think about it now and I've no doubt that the answer you get will already form part of this course. If it's not, I'll add it in! 

That's why you'll get the support of your buddies and additional mentoring in the 'Secret' Wealthy Entrepreneur Client Only Facebook Group, so creating and more importantly keeping to those habits and new ways of thinking, behaving and working STICK!  

And also that’s why, when you sign up, not only do you get a full one-to-one session if you're on of the first ten, but you get my promise, my duty of care that if anything gets 'stuck' or triggers hurt or upset that isn't cleared on the call, you and I can jump on a personal call and blitz through it. 

All you need to do now is take ONE step towards your future freedom......

At the time of writing this, you will be one of the lucky ones to secure a one-to-one session with Liz during the programme
(I'll delete this as soon as I can once all of the ten bonus sessions are sold). 

I can't wait to welcome you to the £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme and to your new normal! 

Liz Hancock xx

P.S. For a huge lists of the BENEFITS & RESULTS you'll get from taking part in The £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme, scroll down to the bottom. 

P.S. Still on the fence? Please consider the following…

WARNING #1: As soon as you sign up you will feel instant relief.  You'll be left with a smile on your face even if it is a stretch financially.  If you feel butterflies - they are probably excitement rather than nerves! 

WARNING #2: This is the programme I have, until now, saved exclusively for my Private and Mastermind Clients and even they haven't had the full immersive experience.  To work with me privately trough this stuff would cost you over £4,500. 

WARNING #3: The majority of Coaches, Therapists and Practitioners earn less that £20k (if you're already making more than that, well done)!  For many more, the feast and famine of business is the norm.  Many more are killing themselves working every hour God sends because they are programmed to believe 'You have to work really hard for decent money.' 

So – which of these groups do you currently fall into and what are you prepared to do to et out of it (hint - the answer is right here in front of you)! 

This is your chance to break free from the pack once and for all and be the unique, successful and insanely confident, contented and relaxed version of you EVER! 

The only question is…

Will you take it?

“Through working with Liz I have found a sales funnel that works repeatedly for my business and am now picking up clients directly rather than via third parties. I've seen my confidence increase and am being recognised as an Expert Authority! I'm loving my business now and its growth has enabled me to take on an assistant to help with Sales!”

- Andrew Paton , Website Designer, 
I can’t afford to pay for my ticket right now. Can I pay in installments?
You sure can! We can split the payments so you pay three equal installments of £800 £700. Click here to do that.

With this being a Money Mindset Programme, I know there will be people reading this who desperately want and NEED to do this program but for whom even that is a struggle. If you genuinely, hand on heart fall into that category, please email me we will discuss this with you and figure out a payment plan which works for you.

I can't make the event in June, can I pay less?
The ticket to the event is a BONUS so no payback or reductions are given. You may, however, gift your ticket to a friend. You may also consider saving your ticket for the next event, although I do not yet have confirmed dates for this.

I won't be able to make some of the calls, I don't want to miss out or fall behind.
No problem, all replays can be easily accessed via the membership site and from the link you will be emailed each week.

Will I be able to get one-to-one support, mentoring and coaching on the calls?
Of course, the more interactive the participants are the better. There is never a stupid question or request for support - if you need to ask, someone else will too at some point! As part of this programme, you have SOS access to me by email or in our private Client Only Facebook Group. 

I'm worried I'm going to get upset over some of the issues we may be exploring, especially relating to my childhood. What support will I get?
If this is you then my door is always open via the Client Only Facebook Group, where you will get so much support and advice from other members as well as myself.

This is very deep work and while we will progress through the modules in a very gentle, safe way, there may well be tears at some point.  Tears are one of many signs of release, acceptance, healing and a new sense of love for yourself - which there's going to be a great deal of. 
However there is always the possibility, especially in a group that you may be 'triggered,' although hand on heart this has only happened to me once and it was resolved in less than ten minutes once I was aware of it. If an extremely sensitive subject comes up, for example child abuse or neglect, then I urge you to let me know ahead of time so I can manage that more easily. 

I will ensure you get the support you need and if you would benefit from further one-to-one sessions we can discuss how these can be delivered at a very generously discounted rate.  
Where's that full list of the Benefits I can expect from the Programme?
Take a deep breath and read on..........
  •  Break the cycle of always striving but never arriving!
  •  Understanding, clearing and re-setting your true, hidden feelings about ALL things money!
  •  Freedom from all the negative Money Mindset BS that keeps you playing small and from claiming your place as a Successful Entrepreneur!
  •  Understanding, clearing and re-setting you ‘Money Paradigm’ – the earliest programming you had around money and what it takes or means to be successful.
  •  Freedom from your own judgements.
  •  Freedom from the judgements of others - imagined, feared or real.
  •  Energetic ‘Approval’ from those that judge you or try to keep you small (or just outright limit and sabotage you).
  •  A new found excitement and confidence to charge your worth.
  •  Get rid of any ‘Goal Trauma’ you may have experienced.
  •  Release any ‘Financial Trauma’ you may have experienced.
  •  A new found ability to get INTO ACTION!
  •  Set new Outrageous Goals to which you are now energetically aligned: In Mind, Body & Spirit.
  •  A new sense of energy, enthusiasm and drive to go for it, and keep going when the going gets tough!
  •  Be aware of, and release, any ‘Hidden Agendas’ stopping you Slay The Saboteur once and for all!
  •  Know how to master ‘The Backlash’ and ‘Upper Limit Problems’
  •  Recognise Fear V's when your should trust your gut.
  •  Increase your fees & income – double, triple or more!
  •  Confidence to ‘pitch’ and sell in a way that feels congruent to you and the transformation you provide!
  •  You’ll discover how talented, brilliant and deserving you truly are. Claim it and own it! AND increase it!
  •  Permission to be YOU and no-one else.
  •  You will become more confident, powerful and ON PURPOSE than ever before.
  •  Pride in your self, pride in your business and everything you have achieved – no matter where you are now!
  •  The ability to celebrate your successes so you feel GREAT every day: The easiest way to raise your vibration daily in no time at all!
  •  No more unease and fear when you look at your accounts, your bank statements, your finances.
  •  Calm confidence to manage your business finance & income like a pro – it’s YOUR TIME and you’ll be ready to step up! 
  •  Clarity, confidence and courage to face your finances head on and the strength to sort them out once and for all – no more burying your head in the sand – just total empowerment that will lead to true action and long term security for you and your family.
  •  Welcome in more ease and abundance in your life not just your business.
  •  All taught and mentored by a true industry expert and leading edge Money Mindset Mentor and Coach. 
All of the shifts you will experience are fundamental to making the shifts you need in your personal finances AND your business finances. 
More questions?
Please email me at with the title £50k Mindset Help.
If you’d like more details about signing up or anything else, just email me ( so we can set up a time to speak or book by clicking here.
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